The Face Reality
Acne Boot Camp
at BeautyCall

Get your acne under control in 3-4 months with expert guidance and treatments administered from our Estheticians trained and certified in the Face Reality treatment program.

What to Expect

• First, we'll consult with you regarding your experience and any prior acne treatments that you've had.
• We'll analyze your acne and help you figure out what is causing your particular condition. You'll receive useful information regarding products, diet recommendations, medications, etc.
• Your skin will be tested for sensitivities and you'll receive a routine suited for your acne type and we'll show you how to properly use the products.

Treatments include either a mild corrective peel with extractions or a gentle enzyme treatment with steam and extractions, depending on your skin's needs. Generally speaking, neither of these is uncomfortable. You may or may not experience some mild peeling after these treatments, but no matter what- they work!

Not The Average Acne Treatment...

Our program works by taking into account the type of acne you have, the type of skin you have and how fast your skin adapts to products. We keep pushing the skin to clear with products that penetrate the pore where acne starts. We don’t push it past its tolerance however, because we don’t want your skin to become dry and irritated.

Our products prevent the new acne lesions from forming; we extract the existing acne lesions out and in about 3-4 months your acne is under control.

I'm in! Whats next?

The first consultation and treatment appointment is scheduled for about 1 ½ hours and subsequent appointments are 30- 45 minutes. When you start to get clearer and there are fewer extractions to do, treatments will take less and less time.


Getting Started:

30-Minute Consultation (No Treatment) - $50

($50 Credit Towards Product Purchase)

Consultation & Same Day Treatment - $125
($50 Credit Towards Product Purchase)

Subsequent Treatments
Bi-Weekly Treatments - $85
(Recommended every two weeks. Complimentary LED light therapy included)

Treatment Packages:

6 Treatments - Save $51
3 Months of Treatments (2x Month)
10% Off Face Reality & Acne Care Products
Payable in Two Payments

Series of 12 - Save $153
6 Months of Treatment (2x Month)
15% Off Face Reality & Acne Care Products
Payable in Three Payments

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Home Care Products

The initial investment in products is $150-$200. Most of the products will last several months depending on the product and the regimen that you are placed on.

When you purchase a series of treatments, you'll save on your home care products!

- Purchase 6 sessions, save 10%
- Purchase 12 sessions, save 15%

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