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Classic Lash Extensions Certification Seminar

Classic Lash Extension Certification Seminar
Learn one of the most valuable skill sets in today's salon industry from an instructor with over 10 years hands-on experience.
Learn one of the most valuable skill sets in today’s salon industry. Receive training from an instructor with over 10 years of lash extension experience and almost 6 years of self-employment. Marketable. Valuable. In-Demand. High Profitability. These are the words that should come to mind when you think of lash extensions. If you’ve ever known a good lash artist, you’ve probably been envious of how quickly and easily they build a clientele using this incredibly in-demand skill set. This course teaches Licensed Estheticians and Licensed Cosmetologists the skills needed to begin a rewarding career in the lash industry. It also features content from the BAE Course, “Success Secrets of the Solo Esthetician”, which gives learners informative and actionable information about how to start their own business, from the basics of how to actually start a business, to choosing a location and getting clients in the door. Even if the learner is employed and wants to stay that way, the client attraction and retention techniques in this portion are highly relevant and valuable. Learn everything you need to know about getting started in the lash industry, plus the skills to get you there in this 2-day workshop that ends with a certification and provides a full supply kit for you to take home after class. Topics covered include: Eye anatomy and physiology; Choosing the right style and effectively consulting with the client; Mastering adhesives and environment control; Proper application of eyelash extensions and troubleshooting common issue that arise for new artists; Techniques and tips for nurturing a lash extension clientele and starting your own lash extension practice. During the class you will: Learn priceless techniques about lash extensions and their application; Learn how to use the various items in your kit, including “hacks” that most lash artists take years to discover; Find out how to effectively consult with a client and determine the right style, lengths, etc.; Learn how to troubleshoot issues that arise with lash extensions and how to fix them; How to manage a treatment room and remain the professional and “expert” This workshop can be especially helpful for esthetics and cosmetology students who are seeking to add a valuable skill to their resume! This workshop will not only build your skills as a lash artist, but build your confidence in yourself as a salon professional and allow you to network with others who are just as passionate about the industry. *PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED* Looking for individualized sessions instead? Receive individual, one-on-one training with our lead instructor, Megan McDowell, LE.

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