Eyelash Extensions

The "healthy addiction" that instantly beautifies your look and makes mornings so much less complicated. 

There’s not really a place that eyelash extensions don’t come in handy. They’re the key to waking up looking instantly put together and can elevate your entire look in the most subtle or dramatic way- you decide. When you book a full set of any style, your service includes a complimentary aftercare kit. These kits contain the lash cleanser and brushes you'll need to properly care for and protect your investment. Proper aftercare keeps your lash extensions looking fresh, full, and healthy while also increasing the longevity of their wear.

BeautyCall was one of the first spas in the Charleston & Summerville area to offer lash extensions and each of its artists receives one-on-one training from the owner- a Licensed Esthetician with over a decade of experience in the lash industry. We pride ourselves on our expertise and quality of work and love serving the ladies of Summerville. Come experience what lash extensions are supposed to be like!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

The traditional 1:1 application- one extension applied to one natural eyelash. This is where many first time clients start!

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid lashes are a gorgeous mix of both the classic and volume styles, for when you want something with a little fluff and density but still want to keep them guessing...

Volume Eyelash Extensions

The ultimate glam extension look. The length of the lash extensions can be short or long, but if you're after thickness, volume is your new BFF.

Lash Extension Pricing

Lash Artist I

Classic Full Set - $175
Classic Mascara Set - $99

Classic Touch-Up's:

45 Min. - $55
60 Min. - $70
75 Min. - $95

Lash Artist II 

Classic Full Set - $200

Classic Touch-Up's:
45 Min. - $60
60 Min. - $75
75 Min. - $100

Hybrid Full Set - $225
Hybrid Touch-Up's:
45 Min. - $65
60 Min. - $80
75 Min. - $105

Master Lash Artist 

Classic Full Set - $250

Classic Touch-Up's:
45 Min. - $65
60 Min. - $80
75 Min. - $105

Hybrid Full Set - $275
Hybrid Touch-Up's:
45 Min. - $70
60 Min. - $85
75 Min. - $110

Volume Full Set - $300
Volume Touch-Up's:
45 Min. - $75
60 Min. - $90
75 Min. - $120

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a "Full Set" and a "Mascara Set"?

When you book a Full Set of any style, every mature natural eyelash will get an extension. This gives the fullest effect and most dramatic change. When you book a Mascara Set, you'll get 60-70% coverage- enough to toss your mascara and enjoy beautiful added length and thickness! 

How long should I book a touch-up for?

Your lash artist will help you decide how long to book after your initial visit, but you should anticipate touch-up's every 2-3 weeks. For touch-up's, the more time you book, the more lash extensions you'll receive. 

Can I come to BeautyCall with lashes from another salon?

If you're coming to us from another lash artist- welcome! We look forward to having you. We ask that you book at least a 60-75 minute touch-up and keep in mind that it may take a couple of sessions to have the old lashes fully transitioned to BeautyCall lashes. We may recommend removal in cases where the existing lash set seems to be endangering the health of your natural eyelashes, but for the most part we can work with lashes from other artists and don't mind doing so!