Professional Skincare Services

Nourish and care for your body's largest organ (the skin!) and it will reward you with a glowing, youthful appearance. Proper skin care treatments, like facials and peels in-spa and a good regimen at home, not only beautify the skin- but also improve its health. The skincare market is a confusing space, but your Licensed Esthetician is trained to help you to determine which facials and products are best suited for your unique skin type and condition.

Common conditions that clients come to us for facials for include acne, hyperpigmentation (sun damage), rosacea, and anti-aging concerns. We treat not only what we see the day of your facial, but also to adjust your treatment to suit your short and long-term skincare goals. 

When you feel confident about the way you look, you radiate that feeling everywhere you go. It's what we hope to help you achieve with our thoughtfully designed facials and peels and we can't wait to help you look and feel your best!

Acne Treatment

We offer customized facials and skincare products from the award-winning acne treatment line, Face Reality.

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NEW! Introductory Facial

We offer a $50 Introductory Facial for new or existing clients who want to try our skincare services for the first time.

This full European facial will allow you to consult with your Esthetician about your goals and prior experiences. These facials are customized to your skin type and our goals for this session are to:

- Get you relaxed and build rapport
- Take a closer look at your skin and compare it to the goals you lay out in your intake forms & conversation
- Create a realistic treatment plan that takes into consideration the speed with which you need results, your availability, and which facial services will offer you the most value- both aesthetically and monetarily!

Our Skincare Treatment Menu

Cocoa Indulgence Hydrating Facial | $70

Gently exfoliate, calm, and nourish. Maximize moisture and reduce inflammation with this signature treatment. The aromatic cocoa enzyme is full of natural antioxidants and is designed to nourish, protect, and boost healing. Skin is transformed by the signature Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask- infused with a complex blend of hydrating peptides and botanicals to deliver critical hydration into the skin, resulting in overall health and hydration.

C-Peptide Peel Facial | $80 

Lighten, brighten, and tighten. Revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, antioxidants, plant stem cells, and botanicals extracts. A powerful enzyme infuses the skin with multiple forms of Vitamin C to brighten while it exfoliates. The intelligent ingredients of the Firming Peptide Mask paired with Vitamin A stimulate new cell growth, rejuvenating all skin types. This facial delivers an instantly firm, luminous glow!

Triple Berry Brightening Facial | $80

Brighten, rejuvenate, and hydrate. Exotic Riberry, Muntries and Pepper berries from Australia are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These super berries are designed to provide instant brightening and hydration to dry, lackluster skin.

Custom Chemical Peel | $90

This treatment is excellent if you have more intensive skin concerns. It will give you an intense peel with minor social downtime. This treatment is excellent for a client with:
- More persistent acne breakouts, including cystic
- Hyperpigmentation from sun exposure
- Fine line and wrinkles caused by skin aging or sun exposure

*Skin prep for 10-14 days prior to treatment is highly recommended for attaining the best results, so we highly encourage scheduling a complimentary consultation or an Introductory Facial in order to meet your Esthetician and receive homecare advice and a prep routine.

Oxygen Rx Treatment | $125

Boost circulation, clarify and stimulate cell turnover. Random breakout getting you down? During this signature Circadia treatment, a controlled amount of oxygen is generated in the skin to provide antioxidant protection, kill surface bacteria, and alleviate the ruddiness. This is a great facial for clients with acne, rosacea, and telangiectasia, but this unique 4-step treatment is extremely nourishing and transformative for all skin types!

Tropical Refresher Facial | $55 

Instantly glowing, baby smooth skin in a flash. Snow Algae, which is known to repair the effects of time, and nutrient-rich Spirulina are partnered together with Marshmallow extract to reduce inflammation and add hydration while repairing and rejuvenating the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when I come for a skincare treatment?

If it's your first time receiving a skincare treatment at BeautyCall, we'll ask you to fill out an intake form that will give us insight into your concerns as well as current and previous treatments you've tried. It will also ask questions about lifestyle, diet, and cosmetics use. These factors can often lead to skin issues and having insight into the full picture really helps your esthetician to formulate a treatment plan for you. For your convenience, the intake form can also be found on our "Forms" page so that you can fill it out prior to your appointment. After you complete the form you'll be shown into the treatment room and given a few moments of privacy to change and get situated on the treatment table, at which point your esthetician will return to begin the treatment.

Should I remove my makeup prior to appointment?

It's not necessary to remove your makeup because we'll take care of that for you as the first step of the treatment. In fact, your esthetician may want to see you with your makeup applied in order to assess if there's anything about it that could be causing issues, such as in the case with acne. Come as you are, however that may be!

Will the treatment hurt and will I be red or break out after?

The treatments we perform rarely hurt, although the exfoliants can sometimes be a little bit "stingly" as we like to call it (that's a mix between a little stinging and tingly!) Other than that, there can be some discomfort if extractions are performed on blemishes, but even these are done with the utmost care and concern for your comfort. Some of our enzymes and exfoliants can leave the skin a little red afterward, but this dissipates within a few hours. Occasionally the removal of the top layer of dead skin can, in fact, induce the skin to "purge" but this would more commonly be seen after a chemical peel in which the skin wasn't prepped properly reading up to the treatment. This is one of the reasons why we suggest clients seeking a peel series start with at least a Glow30 Treatment so the esthetician can get familiar with your skin and provide you with the proper regimen to prep your skin for the best results from your peel. 

Additional Questions?

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